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Gurita Lintas Samudera

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PT. GURITA LINTAS SAMUDERA (GLS) is an Indonesian-owned shipping company specializing in dry bulk cargo services from agricultural and mining commodities, especially coal and others. We are providing around-the-clock services to meet customers needs, exploring new markets and sales leads exchanges, and establishing long-lasting relationships by delivering courteous services with a personal touch with our customers.

To be a preferred sea transportation company trusted for its reliability, flexibility, and customized services.

Our business business experience in the past has proven that commitment to customer satisfactions is essential.

It is our beliefs that an improved competency shall provide significant advantages in facing a highly contested market structures.

Professionalism and dedications are the core values of our management. Positive work ethics must be consistently reinforced.

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Our Dry Bulk
Shipping Services

Provides high quality and comprehensive shipping services with competitive rates and always understand client's requirements.

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Ship Owner
& Operator

Play a pivotal role in the maritime industry. Our commitment to delivering high-quality and comprehensive ship services is highly commendable. We assist ship owners and operators in anticipating, quantifying, and comprehending the risks they encounter. In doing so, we make significant contributions to enhancing the safety and efficiency of maritime operations.


Our Ship Management division offers a holistic suite of services designed to meet all your maritime needs. Beyond crewing, we provide a wide range of technical services and other related ship management solutions. Our commitment to excellence ensures the seamless operation of your vessels, from maintenance and repairs to compliance with rigorous industry standards. We take pride in our ability to optimize vessel performance while prioritizing safety, environmental responsibility, and cost-effectiveness. With our expertise, you can entrust us to oversee every facet of ship management, allowing you to focus on your core business with peace of mind. We will treat yours like ours.

Coal Logistic
& Stevedoring

Our Coal Logistics & Stevedoring division offers comprehensive, end-to-end on demand services for the seamless transportation and delivery of coal. With our unwavering commitment to efficiency and reliability, we ensure that your coal shipments are handled with the utmost care and expertise. From the moment coal arrives at port to its final destination, we manage every aspect of the logistics process, including stevedoring, storage, and transportation. Our streamlined approach not only minimizes downtime but also guarantees the highest standards of safety and compliance. Trust us to be your trusted partner in coal logistics, delivering peace of mind and on-time performance for your valuable cargo.


Our portfolio of ship agency services is comprehensive ranging from canvassing until port handling.

All of our fleet are registered under Indonesian Flag, and classed with IACS Members for our international trading and Indonesian Bureau of Classification for domestic trading vessels.

Our Fleet

Fleet in Operation

Our transportation service ensures a smooth and on time border crossing of shipments.

In the realm of bulk carriers, our company stands as a beacon of specialized knowledge and excellence, boasting a comprehensive fleet that includes Handymax, Supramax, Panamax, Post Panamax, Kamsarmax, and Baby Capesize vessels. With an unwavering commitment to safety and efficiency, we assist ship owners and operators in navigating the intricate challenges of transporting a diverse range of cargoes. Our expertise extends to understanding the nature of the chemicals being transported, identifying potential hazards, addressing compatibility issues, and promoting the rigorous adherence to proper handling and storage procedures. With our guidance, clients can confidently tackle the unique demands of bulk carrier operations while ensuring the utmost safety and compliance in their maritime ventures.

Our company distinguishes itself in the sphere of cement carriers, boasting specialized proficiency in cargo handling and management. Our extensive suite of services encompasses exacting procedures for loading and unloading, rigorous monitoring of cargo conditions, and an unwavering dedication to adhering to international regulations and industry best practices. We fully comprehend that meticulous cargo handling holds paramount significance in safeguarding cargo integrity, averting damage, and mitigating the risk of accidents.

Our Chemical Tanker division is dedicated to the specialized task of transporting Crude Palm Oil (CPO) with precision and excellence. We understand the unique requirements of handling this essential commodity, and our state-of-the-art fleet is equipped to meet these demands efficiently and safely. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of cargo integrity, hygiene, and environmental responsibility ensures that your CPO arrives at its destination in optimal condition. With decades of experience, we have earned a reputation for reliability and professionalism in the transport of CPO, contributing to the success of businesses across the industry.

Our Tugs & Barges services are at the heart of our commitment to providing comprehensive maritime solutions. We offer a fleet of robust and dependable tugs and barges that are expertly maintained and operated by skilled professionals. Whether it’s assisting in harbor operations, towage services, or the efficient transport of bulk cargo, our Tugs & Barges division ensures seamless and cost-effective solutions tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs. With safety, reliability, and efficiency as our guiding principles, we empower businesses to navigate the complex waters of global trade with confidence.

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Gurita Lintas Samudera

PT. GURITA LINTAS SAMUDERA feels confident in its capacity to provide a full range of shipping services, from basic ship-owning and operations, to agency, stevedoring and ship management services, all the way to specific tailor-made services based on customers' particular requirements.

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